The Next Generation PC

When Windows XP reaches the end-of-life, many current users are being left to despair. They have to pay money to upgrade to Windows 8 and yet the new OS is not fully backward compatible. BoBo Nano PC is an excellent alternative to replace the outdated and aged device. BoBo Nano PC can connect to Windows based PC and run the programs. This is welcome by enterprises and business users.

Microsoft Windows Personal Computer (PC) faces 7 consecutive quarters of sales contraction. Android continues to explode, at the expense of the rival operating systems (OS). Android was debuted as smartphone OS and expanded to tablet and now desktop PC. Gartner's announcement described Android as "the OS choice across all devices".

Traditional PC manufacturers such as HP, Asus, Lenovo, Acer and etc. are introducing Android PC on the market trying to compensate the shrinking PC market.

Our objective is to design a new PC to suit the Cloud environment for office, home and special applications.

Clever Motion Technology Limited joined hands with Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) to introduce the first Android PC with 4 unique features.

1. Multiple resizable windows showing 4 applications at a glance
2. VGA & HDMI concurrent display
3. Wireless access point when LAN is connected
4. "BoBo Touch" Apps to share contents on smartphone and control BoBo Nano PC





BoBo Nano PC is meeting 80% of the users needs and costs one fifth of the price of Wintel based PC. It is pre-loaded with Kingsoft Office and accesses to half a million apps via Google Play. Its usefulness surpasses devices riding on Windows platform.

BoBo Nano PC employs aluminum alloy case with small foot print and can be fit into tight space. Three USB ports let you insert wire or wireless mouse, keyboard and a variety of peripherals. The 10 Watt power dissipation is a merit to energy conversation.


The preloaded Kingsoft Office provides user friendly tool for writing text document, spread sheet and presentation which is compatible to the document formats of Microsoft Office.

Connecting BoBo Nano PC to flat panel high definition (HD) TV brings you to home theatre environment while enjoy full 1080P HD programs.

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