BoBo Touch

Why many other Android devices or set top boxes come with a remote control and BoBo didn't?

Our design concept is environmental friendly and maximize the usages of every device. Android smartphone penetrates 80% of worldwide market. Our innovative idea is making use of a mobile apps to be installed in your Android devices to perform the function of a remote control instead of a dedicated hardware.

"BoBo Touch" is a mobile apps transforming your Android smartphone into a remote control, mouse and keyboard. It will utilize the sensors in your smartphone such as gyroscope, microphone and touch panel. After installing "BoBo Touch", you can share the contents on your smartphone and show it on large screen TV with your family, friends and colleagues.

It is designed for BoBo Nano PC and will not work on other devices. You can extend the function and fun when "BoBo Touch" is being paired with any BoBo Nano PC.

1.  Wireless mouse
2.  Wireless keyboard
3.  Voice to text input
4.  Game controller
5.  Photo and video sharing
6.  Document (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) sharing

This Apps is devoted to work with BoBo Nano PC, it may not work with other devices.

This Apps requires Android 4.0 or above, it can be download from Google Play or click here.






Screen capture of BoBo Touch
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