Frequently Asked Questions

What is BoBo Nano PC?

BoBo Nano PC is a full grown personal computer that plugs into your LCD monitor or HDTV. The unique multiple resizeable windows make you feel like working on the traditional PC. It’s a tiny but capable PC which can perform office chores like your desktop PC, such as spreadsheets, word-processing, presentations, email and internet browsing. It also plays online high-definition video via internet. The built-in WiFi access point makes it a 3 in 1 device.


Q: Where can I buy BoBo Nano PC?

A:  We did not set up any distributor and retail shop. You can buy BoBo Nano PC through our Online Store starting from 13 April, 2014. The product will be shipped directly via Hong Kong Post. We accept PayPal and major credit cards.

From 14 July, 2014, Hong Kong residents can visit our office for demonstration and buy BoBo Nano PC in limited quantity. Only cash will be accepted.

Q: How many can I order?

A: There is no restriction. You can buy as many as you want. We will ship it to almost any part of the world.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: The BoBo Nano PC is introduced at HK$800 (around US$103) plus shipping. It comes with HDMI cable and power adapter.

Q: Will there be a minimum ordering quantity?

A: We are happy to take any quantity starting from one.



Q: Does BoBo Nano PC able to watch HKTV via the internet?

A: Yes. When a proper Apps is installed, BoBo Nano PC is able to watch HKTV and similar programs via internet.

Q: Does BoBo Nano PC able to receive Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) signal?

A: No. Terrestrial TV signal is analogue format. BoBo Nano PC will only be able to watch digital HD format video via internet.

Q: Why the Storage shown in the Setting is only 0.98GB and 5.23GB instead of 2GB and 8GB respectively?

A: Android system will automatically allocate memory for system software. In the Setting manual, it will only show the memory available for the user. It is the same for Android smartphones and tablets.

Q: How do I connect a mouse and keyboard?

A: There is two standard USB 2.0 and micro USB ports. Standard wired or wireless mouse, keyboard and peripherals can be connected to BoBo Nano PC via these USB sockets.

Q: What languages are included?

A: The initial language set up is in English. Android 4.0 comes with 45 international languages. It includes English、Simplified Chinese 、Chinese (TW) 、Chinese(HK)、Spanish(LA)、French(EU)、PT(EU)、PT(BR)、German、Russian、Italian、Swedish、Spanish(EU)、Korean、Arabic、Farsi、Serbian、Bosnian、Macedonian、Bulgarian、Ukrainian、Greek、Norwegian、Danish、Czech、Hungarian、Slovak、Polish、Romanian、Finnish、Estonian、Latvian、Lithuanian、Slovenian、Croatian、Turkish、Vietnamese、Bahasa Indonesia、Dutch、Malay、Thai、Hindi、British English、Korean、Hebrew.

Q: What is the usable temperature range?

A: BoBo Nano PC performs normally at room temperature at around 25 degree C (80 degree F). It is built from a low power consumption chip which dissipates less heat. The aluminum alloy case helps to leverage to room temperature. There is no need for cooling ventilation. You may well find BoBo Nano PC is warm after prolonged usage. BoBo Nano PC will operate normally between -10 degree C to +50 degree C (14 degree F to 122 degree F).

Q: Why the "Home" button has no effect?

A: The "Home" button at the left hand bottom corner will only works at single screen mode.

Q: What the "Office Mode" and "Leisure Mode"?

A: Multi Windows Mode is for office work to open multiple applications while Leisure Mode is for viewing movies on full screen.


Q: What is the choice of color for the case?

A: At this moment, BoBo Nano PC comes in metallic silver aluminum alloy case.



Q: What display can I use?

A: There is full 1080P HDMI output on BoBo Nano PC, so you can hook it up to almost all brands of flat screen LCD/Plasma TV with HDMI socket.

Q: What is the purpose of VGA socket?

A: Even VGA is delivering analogue signal and is an end-of-life technology, BoBo Nano PC is aim to be environmental friendly. You can use LCD monitor for email and office chores. We are the first to provide VGA and HDMI simultaneous display.

Q: Why my TV shows 720P when BoBo Nano PC boot up?

A: Not all TV support 1080P. At boot up, BoBo Nano PC was preset to 720P. At playing HD video, BoBo Nano PC will automatically select the best resolution.


Q: Is sound over HDMI supported?

A: Yes. Some TV may require setting for HDMI with audio.

Q: When using earphone, the sound output is very low.

A: The sound output devices for the system is set to "ROCKCHIP HDMI" by default, please follow the steps listed below to change it to "RK29_ES8323": 
1. Open "Settings", and select "Sound" on the left menu. Then click Sound Device Manager on the right hand side.

2. Select "RK29_ES8323" as sound output devices as the figure shown below.

3. Restart the BoBo Nano PC. Sound output for earphone should be become normal.


Q: What are the power requirements?

A: The device is powered by 5V DC 2A power adapter. When you connect external USB peripherals, the power consumption will up to 1A.

Q: Can I run BoBo Nano PC from batteries?

A: Yes. The device could be run on USB 5.0 Volt battery pack with suitable wire and connector. The running time is depending on the capacity of the battery.


Q: What operating system (OS) does BoBo Nano PC in use?

A: BoBo Nano PC has built in Android 4.2.2.

Q: Will the OS being upgraded or updated?

A: Yes. We will update new software to remove bugs from time to time. If necessary, we will upgrade to higher version.

Q: Is there any preloaded application software?

A: Yes. BoBo Nano PC is authorized to pre-load multi-language Kingsoft Office. The Kingsoft Office for Android allows you to get your work done no matter where you are. You can CREATE, VIEW, EDIT and SAVE all document formats used by Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Share made easy with the Email application that allows you to send documents as attachments, and to download and edit attachments. Furthermore, you can access Google Drive, Dropbox, and other services with WebDAV protocol.

Q: Is BoBo PC supports SD cards and storage?

A: BoBo Nano PC supports Micro SDHC flask memory card up to 32GB. This will extend the storage.

Q: How to root BoBo Nano PC to watch paid channels and programs?

A: We do not support such activity since it is not legal.


Q: Does the device support networking?

A: BoBo Nano PC includes IEEE 802.11b/g/n WiFi. There is RJ45 LAN socket for connecting to Ethernet at 10/100MB.



When experiencing abnormal situation, please check the list below to see if you can find the reason and resolve it yourself. After you have read everything in the following paragraphs and still cannot solve the problems, you should consider to return the unit for repair. Do not try to open the unit because the warranty will be void.



No sound and image on TV

1. Is the power cable connected properly? Check whether the power LED on BoBo Nano PC is on.
2. Check whether HDMI cable connect properly.
3. Check whether the TV has selected the source as HDMI input.

Display is normal but no sound

1.      Check whether the TV volume is too low.
2.      Check whether the HDMI cable has connected properly.
3.      Check and set HDMI TV setting to HDMI with sound.

The clock is not accurate

The real time clock is synchronized with the internet system clock. If the Ethernet or WiFi is discounted, the clock will be out of synchronization. Reconnect to the internet will bring the time to the second.



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