Company Profile

Clever Motion Technology Limited (hereinafter "CMT") was founded in February 2000 with the vision to help companies apply the latest Information Technology in their daily operations to achieve higher efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

We understand that today's business environment and economy require us to do things differently and more effectively. Our philosophy of success is based on the right timing, the right environment, the right people, the right focus and the right methodology. Our solutions will bring success to most business operations because they are the result of many years of practical experience in business development and business management.

We practically work at the speed of the Internet to meet and exceed our customer requirements.


Our main business focus is to deliver first class e-solutions and system integration. We offer 3 key approaches in our business software solution - designing generic application software that meets most of our clients' requirements; developing tailor made software to fit for some clients' special needs, and transforming clients' existing software to other stable and low cost platforms.

With the application of Open Source Software and our domain expertise, CMT enables companies to automate their business or operation systems to achieve a highly computerized and paperless office environment. We help companies in the region to achieve competitive advantage through automation to reduce costs, improve productivity, enhance communication, drive new revenue, and adapt their organization to the latest business models.

Recently, our IoT solutions for Smart City is popular. The solutions include smart vending machines, EV charging management and digital signage.


Mission Statement

The company's mission is to provide its clients with superb business practice, technical excellence, quality product performance and total customer satisfaction by harnessing the latest Information Technology and people/consultants to develop solutions to meet today's business challenge at a very competitive and affordable price.





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