Smart Laundry Parlour

The new nano-buildings and sub-divided flats have limited space to accommodate washing machines and dryers.

Self service laundry parlour is solving the washing and drying needs for tiny apartments. That’s why 24 hours self service laundry parlours becomes popular in recent years.


We introduced the fully automatic payment and control system by using Octopus for payment. The system integrates with the washers and dryers and activate after received payment. The system will automatically gather all transactions and send to Octopus for clearance daily. No more using infrared reader and intensive labour to collect the transactions. The crystal clear touch monitor and easy to be used graphic interface elevates the image of the parlour. The shopkeeper is only required to focus on the operations.





Key features and functions:

  1. Interactive touch monitor to select product and service
  2. Display promotional or advertising video
  3. Support Octopus and electronic payments. There is no more collecting and counting tokens and cash. It is more hygenic. 
  4. Automatically upload transaction files to Octopus for clearing on daily basis. 
  5. Support other mobile payment such as AliPay, WeChatPay, BOCPay, UnionPay and etc.
  6. Support coupon redemption
  7. Membership discount
  8. “Buy N get 1 free” can be added. 
  9. Discount price during promotional period. 
  10. Telemetry for the status of washers and dryers
  11. Cloud management- shopkeeper can access the Cloud server any time for the transactions, download big data (analytic will be charged separately).  

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