Upgrading and Modernizing Vending Machines

Automatic vending machine was invented in the 1950’s. Some of the machines did not have the features needed today but the machines are still running well. 

We are able to upgrade and modernize your old machines to the latest IoT which include the following new features:

  1. Add Octopus electronic payment
  2. Automatic collection of Octopus transactions on-line instead of manual process
  3. Add China and Hong Kong version of AliPay
  4. Add China and Hong Kong version of WeChatPay
  5. Add Visa card payment  (contactless, IC and magnetic strip)
  6. Add TNG payment
  7. Add telemetry
  8. Collect sales transactions
  9. Offer price reduction at limited time and quantity
  10. Value-added Advertisement
  11. Cloud platform for managing machines, products, prices and stocks


  1. Real time data
  2. Visibility of sales and customer preference
  3. Lower operation cost
  4. Extend life cycle of vending machines
  5. Environmental friendly

We have ample experience to upgrade Japanese, USA, Europe and China made vending machines.

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