The First Multi Window Android PC - BoBo Nano PC

Mr. Alan Kan of Clever Motion Technology performing live demo of BoBo Nano PC. Mr. Alan Kan was surrounded by nearly 100 reporters and industry gurus.

On 23 January, 2014, the first multi-windows Android PC called "BoBo Nano PC" developed jointly by Clever Motion Technology and Hong Kong Applied Science & Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) was having live demonstration to the press and the industry at Hong Kong Science Park.

In 2014, Android is the most popular operating system (OS) for smartphone and tablet. Using Android as OS for PC has the advantage of user friendliness and rich user experience. However, Android only supports single screen. In order to adopt Android as the OS for PC, two major issues must be overcome. The first one is the multi-windows operations. Second is the VGA output. There are technical difficulties.

By adopting the Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) technology from ASTRI, BoBo Nano PC provides resizeable multi-windows operations and multi-tasking riding on Android platform with VGA and HDMI simultaneous display.

From left to right: Dr. Nim Kwan Cheung, CEO of ASTRI, Mr. Alan Kan, Dr. Jau Liu, Director of ECE, ASTRI

The tiny PC is a three in one device. It performs like a personal computer for email, internet browsing and office automation; as set-top-box for internet TV and share broadband signal. It embeds four key technological breakthrough and functionalities:

    1. 1. Resizeable multi-windows
    1. 2. HDMI and VGA concurrent display
    1. 3. WiFi hotspot
  1. 4. "BoBo Touch" and Share

The live demo showing smooth video streaming, voice input and playing on-line games stunted nearly hundred reporters and industry gurus.

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