Paperless Office Administration

Office administrators are facing heavy workload in dealing with paper forms for reimbursement, overseas trip, training, name card request, stationery request and etc. Administration staffs are under a lot pressure from the colleagues and the management. 

There is no easy solution to resolve this. Please see this story which may be able to give you the idea of our paperless solutions in office administration.

In light of this situation, CMT designed this unique application which provides an electronic form and workflow to manage the administration process. The electronic form will look exactly the same as the paper forms. This will maintain the look and feel so that no training is required for the new system.

This company is a public listed company in Hong Kong. She has offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Guangzhou. There are over 2,000 users in the system. Following forms are being used to assist the office administration.

  1. Company Payment
  2. Entertainment
  3. Fixed Asset for Internal Movement
  4. Gift and Donation
  5. Local Expenses Claim
  6. Overseas Expenses Claim
  7. Name Card
  8. Printing
  9. Stationery
  10. Temporary Access Card
  11. Training
  12. Travel Outside Hong Kong
 directory tree

Our system can be operated in-house or other branch offices via internet. There is no limit on the type of personal computers. The system supports Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux and Android operating systems. No software installation is needed. A standard browser is adequate. There is virtually no limit on number of users. You manage all the users within your finger tips.  

All our software are developed by Hong Kong engineers. It is aiming to provide the fastest services, best quality and the best local support to SME and enterprises in the Greater China Region.

Product highlight:

1. The system is designed to follow the existing forms and the company policy.
2. All details are recorded for audit trail.
3. Pre-fill function can be added for better productivity.
4. The system can validate important fields to minimise error.
5. Instant calculation on a table ease entry of the form.
6. Sticky Note can be added any time anywhere to highlight questions and answers.
7. Reminder will be sent if approval is not being done within the required time.
8. Staff can view the progress of the process. There is no more calling and answering the status.
9. Save a lot of time and high productivity for administrators and staffs.
10. System supports English, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. 
11. Standalone module, web-based and OS independent

 Screen capture of system
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