Inspectorate System

This system is specially designed for a non-government organization for the daily inspection operations. The system is aimed to replace manual recording in order to reduce time and labour on handwriting, paper works, keeping and searching of data thus increasing the overall efficiency.

The Inspectorate System involves handling reported cases and regular scheduled cases. Reports are received from telephone calls from the public or referral from the Police Force. Regular scheduled cases are routine inspections for regulatory compliance. All cases are being assigned to inspectors. Inspectors make use of an Android smart phone or tablet to obtain information of the case via the system. When inspectors arrive at the scene, photos and note can be taken on the mobile devices. Detail report can be written in the back office.

Status of each case can be viewed by the management. Classified monthly report can be generated. Follow up action can be taken without omission.

Each month, 30 inspectors are using the system handling 2,300 reported cases and 70 routine inspections covering 18 districts in Hong Kong. The system saved over 11,500 pieces of paper and being more efficient.

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