Employers are facing a new challenge in high turnover rate and lowering quality of applicants in Hong Kong and China. There are abundant of workers but it is hard to find the right people for the right job. If company wants to get the right talent, it has to start from hiring. Any hiring exercise will attract mountain of people with a wide variety of quality. It seems "to find a needle in a stack of hay".

In light of this situation, CMT designed this unique application which provides a paperless screening process when hiring new staffs. According to human resource experts, staff with the right attitude will outperform a smart one.

Our software will sort out applications in 2 steps. Firstly, it will compare the minimum academic requirement of the post. The second step will evaluate the attitude of the applicants. All the test questions are randomly selected from a pool of questions to provide a fair environment. Companies will be able to pick the right staff without prejudice at the shortest time, smallest effort and paperless environment.

All our software are developed by Hong Kong engineers. It is aiming to provide the fastest services, best quality and the best support to improve the productivity for SME in the Greater China Region.

Product highlight:

1. Systematic, scientific and objective approach in screening applicants 
2. Fair and equal opportunity for all applicants 
3. User defined criteria for each job 
4. Test questions are randomly picked from a pool of questions
5. Applicants can sit side by for screening without worry of fraudulence 
6. Screening result can be viewed right after the test 
7. Save a lot of time and high productivity for applicants and interviewers 
8. Language can be switched between English, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. 
9. Standalone module, web-based and OS independent

We are offering very attractive package and rental services. For more detail or demonstration, please contact us now.
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